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29 April, 2020: BK Author Jennifer Brown talks about her “Digital Pivot” with Community Calls

Important Links from Chat

Jennifer Brown Contact Details

[email protected]

Q&A from Chat

00:09:43 Joy Wiggins: Eileen, will you send us the information for chuck

00:09:51 Jennifer Brown: Yes please Eileen!

00:09:55 Jennifer Brown: Intrigued for sure

00:10:20 Jennifer Brown: Neat, John!!

00:11:35 Jennifer Brown (she/her/hers): Compassion fatigue – hear you La’Wana!

00:13:01 Eileen Mcdargh: Chuck Gallagher

00:13:10 Eileen Mcdargh: (828) 244-1400 Chuck Gallagher

00:13:36 Eileen Mcdargh: He is in Greenville, CA

00:13:38 Eileen Mcdargh: [email protected]

00:14:04 Eileen Mcdargh: OK guys..gotta scram  Love you…

00:40:30 April Rinne: one idea: i just got off a call that was deliberately NOT recorded — they made it very clear they wanted the call to be a safe space — may be something to consider for certain calls. of course there are benefits to recording, but also to not recording… (especially if you can do a brief re-cap, with chatham house rules)

00:41:25 Ed Frauenheim: Thx for that suggestion, April!

00:55:02 John Kador: I can’t recall ever viewing a recording.  Has anyone ever viewed a recording of a past Zoom call?

00:55:22 April Rinne: yes – often

00:56:41 Katherine Holt: I saw Jennifer present at the 2019 Institute of Coaching conference. Very energetic and engaging. I’d highly recommend Jennifer in case any of your client organizations might welcome a diversity speaker

00:56:47 April Rinne: typically get it in the follow-up email from whoever hosted the meeting (usually happens when i’ve registered for an event but can’t actually make it… easy viewing afterwards). i haven’t gone back and re-watched something that i participated in live.

00:57:40 April Rinne: i keep thinking how this is an incredible window of growth — you’re stretching in new ways

01:00:11 April Rinne: Here is David Kessler:

01:00:22 April Rinne: his website is

01:00:34 Robert Jacobs: thx april!  congrats!

01:00:36 Jennifer Brown (she/her/hers): Please reach out to me at [email protected]

01:00:44 April Rinne:

01:00:45 La’Wana Harris: Be well everyone!

01:00:47 sharon rowe: thanks jennifer…excellent

01:00:51 Randy Englund: Thank you for sharing.

01:00:53 April Rinne: thanks jennifer!

01:01:04 Jennifer Brown (she/her/hers): Thank you Katherine!!!!

01:01:36 La’Wana Harris: Thanks, everyone!

01:01:39 Arthur Jue: Great topics! THX

01:01:43 Randy Englund: Appreciate B-K!

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