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Social Media Basics for Authors: Demystifying the Social Experience

Join this conversation to learn the basics of social media, some insider tips and tricks, and the best ways to get your book in front of the right audience.

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Key Objectives

  • How to choose the right social platforms for you
  • How to feed the social content monster
  • How to grow an engaged audience


For some authors, writing the book is the easy part—social media is the big scary unknown. But take it from us, you don’t have to lip sync to trendy songs or have your younger family member record your every move. After working with nearly 100 different small business brands, we are here to help demystify social media and share with you the best ways to harness its power to get your book in front of the right audience.

Analiese Ross & Claire Sprague

Analiese Ross and Claire Sprague are the leadership team behind AMR Digital, a social-media-focused company based in Boulder, Colorado. Founded in 2017 by Analiese after a frustrating experience in corporate America, AMR focuses on creating social media strategy and content for small businesses with big dreams. Claire comes from a design background spanning 20 years across both agency and in-house teams. Together, the two of them lead the small AND mighty content creation team to create on average 70 pieces of content per day, and 25,000+ over the last year for their clients. Since signing on as the social media agency for @bkpub in October of 2021, AMR has helped BK launch over 70 books, expand their following almost 250% across all social media platforms, and increase engagements on Instagram by 375%.