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Analiese Ross & Claire Sprague

Analiese Ross and Claire Sprague are the leadership team behind AMR Digital, a social-media-focused company based in Boulder, Colorado. Founded in 2017 by Analiese after a frustrating experience in corporate America, AMR focuses on creating social media strategy and content for small businesses with big dreams. Claire comes from a design background spanning 20 years across both agency and in-house teams. Together, the two of them lead the small AND mighty content creation team to create on average 70 pieces of content per day, and 25,000+ over the last year for their clients. Since signing on as the social media agency for @bkpub in October of 2021, AMR has helped BK launch over 70 books, expand their following almost 250% across all social media platforms, and increase engagements on Instagram by 375%.

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