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Gift Exchange Offers – John Kador

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John Kador is an independent business author and ghostwriter. He is the author of ten books on leadership, finance, business ethics, and careers.  His BK Book is Effective Apology: Mending Fences, Building Bridges, and Restoring Trust.  He currently serves as treasurer of BK Authors, Inc. John is based in Lewisburg, PA.  

Packages Available:

Package 1:

Book Proposal Review – the book proposal is a vital requirement for authors who wish to publish a nonfiction book with BK. The provider is a published business author, who has written dozens of successful book proposals for himself and on behalf of other authors, will review your book proposal before final submission to BK Publishers.

Proposed Value : $750

Number of packages available : 2

Package 2:

Polishing Your Book Proposal – the book proposal is a critical hurdle to getting a nonfiction book published. I’m the author of 50+ books, each of which called for a successful book proposal. A book proposal is really a business plan for your book. It’s about you and your platform as much as the content. I will consult with you on your book proposal and help you make it sing so your book has the bext chance for publication.

Proposed Value : $3,500

Number of packages available : 2

Package 3:

Book Proposal Fine Tuning. I will help you craft a book proposal from scratch or fine tune your draft to make it as compelling as possible. I’ve prepared over 50 book proposals for business books published bu first tier publishers.

Proposed Value : $600

Number of packages available : 2

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