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Gift Exchange Offers – Bill Eddy

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Bill Eddy is a lawyer and therapist (Licensed Clinical Social Worker). Concurrently he has been a mediator for the past 40 years, primarily with family and divorce disputes, including 15 years as the Senior Family Mediator at the National Conflict Resolution Center in San Diego, California. He is the co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of the High Conflict Institute, for which he has trained lawyers, mediators, judges, human resource managers, and others on managing high-conflict personalities in over 30 states and ten countries.

He is the developer of the New Ways for Families® skills-training method for high conflict divorce, the New Ways for Mediation® method for high conflict mediation cases, and the New Ways for Work® coaching method for potentially high conflict employees and managers. He has written sixteen books for managing high conflict people and situations in family conflicts, workplace disputes, and legal cases. He is the author of Why We Elect Narcissists and Sociopaths—And How We Can Stop! (2019, Berrett-Koehler Publishers).

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Packages Available:

Package 1:

30-minute High Conflict Consultation, for dealing with high conflict personalities or situations in work life or personal life

Proposed Value : $175

Number of packages available : 2

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