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What Is The Most Important Part of Your Author Platform?

In this session, we’ll focus on easy-to-implement tips & techniques to optimize the most important part of your author platform—your website!

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Key Objectives

  • The biggest mistake authors make when building their platform
  • 3 things you can start TODAY to consistently grow your following
  • How to connect with loyal followers who binge-read your content and can’t wait to buy your books

Session Duration: 50mins

Event Type: workshop

Presenter Kendra Wray

Kendra Wray

Kendra Wray, founder of Eagle Spirit, works with high-performing executives and innovative entrepreneurs to bring game-changing ideas, books, and projects to life. Working with clients from all over the world (from the US to New Zealand to Belgium and beyond!)—including 4x NYT bestselling author JJ Virgin, bestselling author and BK member Sam Horn, and Nautilus Book Awards gold medal winner Peter Sterios—Kendra offers first-hand knowledge of what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to building a platform of loyal followers. Her superpower is taking ideas from concept to completion resulting in thousands of sales, millions of views, and countless impressions for her client’s books, products, and services. Learn more at