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Speak Like A Pro..Virtually

presented by Rob Jolles 4 May 2020


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Presentation Participant Guide: Speak-Like-A-Pro-Virtually

Equipment Examples


  1. Webcam – Logitech is a dependable manufacturer. Logitech HD Webcam B525 is a good buy at $64.99 – Logitech-HD-Webcam- B525
  2. Lighting – 400W Professional Photography Photo Video Portrait Studio Softbox Lighting Kit – $35.89 – 400W Professional Photography Photo Portrait Studio Softbox Lighting
  3. Microphone – To reduce background noise, gaming headphones with mic attachments will do. Beware of Bluetooth because of connection issues. Hardwired headsets range between $20 – $40. Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset is a nice $40 option – Razer-Kraken-Ultralight- Gaming- Headset
  4. Monitor or laptop at eye level – Pyle Portable Adjustable Laptop Stand – 6.3 to 10.9 Inch Anti-Slip Standing Table is a nice $19.99 option – Pyle-Portable-Adjustable-Laptop- Stand

Higher End Options

  1. Webcam – Again, Logitech is a dependable manufacturer. For a few dollars more, I think you’ll like this camera. C920 HD Pro Webcam $79.99 – hd-pro-webcam-c920
  2. Mount LED Video Light C-Clamp Stand Kit 2 Pack. Adjusts for brightness and color temperature. Desk mounted to save space. $189 – product/B07T593JR5
  3. Microphone – Yeti Nano USB Microphone. Great quality with many recording options, and headphone jack. $99 – yeti-nano
  4. Sound – I like to use earbuds that most cannot see when I’m on screen. I would recommend they be hardwired to your system. The most important thing is fit, and that’s determined by personal preference. For me, it Bose: (Currently on clearance and $50 off) $50.99 – bose- soundsport-wired-in-ear-headphones
  5. Microphone Arm Stand – If you plan on sitting and standing, an arm stand works well – innogear-microphone-stand-sturdy-swivel-mount-studio-suspension- mic-clip
  6. Backdrop – If you just can’t manage to make your background professional looking, consider a backdrop. This is the one you see in my deliveries – product/B07FDSWQGN
  7. Monitor or laptop at eye level – Sit stand desks are plentiful, and Amazon has plenty under $200. If you want to keep your existing desk Versadesk sit-to-stand desk risers is a step up at around $390 and Winston Workstations are higher end at $699.