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Q&A from Conversation with BK Publishers Leaders – 29 April 2020

Digital Pivot

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Ed Frauenheim: Hi all–for more on the “digital pivot,” BK Authors is hosting another call just after this one that will dive into the topic. At our weekly “Virtual Watercooler” hosted by John Kador and myself, BK Author Jennifer Brown will share how she has pivoted during the pandemic to deepen her connections to her community with ongoing “Community Calls.” This call with Jennifer Brown will take place at noon PT/ 3 ET. To register: go to this link:

Gabe Cervantes: How much time is needed for BK to set up things like a landing page?

Gabe Cervantes: We have found that sometimes we get requests with only a few days or a week at most. Is that enough time?

Julie Winkle Giulioni: How does the custom ebook pricing work?

Eileen Mcdargh: Can we get a .pdf of the slide deck so we have all that information

Denise Collazo: Hi all:  Would it be possible to add the links the chat for Becky’s presentation as well as Fauzia’s blog post?

Kristen Frantz: Ebook from Becky Robinson on Virtual Meetings:

Kristen Frantz: blog  by BK author Fauzia Burke

Denise Collazo: Thank you Kristen!

Kristen Frantz: Maria Jesus Aguilo: [email protected]

La’Wana Harris: Thanks, Kristen!

Kristen Frantz: Leslie Crandell [email protected]

Sharon rowe: lots of info. will there be a single place to go and find info and resources as opportunities grow in one place?

Sharon rowe: for digital books on amazon, any way to get the cost per lower? my pr agent said lots going on in digital but at lower price points

Julie Winkle Giulioni: Thank you, Leslie.

Julie Winkle Giulioni: Are there any plans for additional virtual summits/etc.

Jaime Ramirez-Serrano: Are there any new formats (in terms of sound) available for publishing audiobooks?… like making a fun audiobook with music, sound effects, etc?

Sharon rowe: i love selling collections…like a collection for entrepreneurs etc… also would  love to see those collections marketed/promoted to podcasters…

Jaime Ramirez-Serrano: Another question: Can Berret-Koehler assist in finding suitable people/studios to record audio books?… any ideas?

Denise Collazo: I love this idea of using video more @La’Wana!!

Pat McLagan: I am very impressed with your pivot.  So creative and topical.  BK is no “stuffy publisher.”

Kristen Frantz: @La’Wana do you have any samples of types of video content you are talking about? would it be for promotional use? Or selling?

Ed Frauenheim: More on New Paradigm of Leadership:

Jesse Stoner: great idea, Eileen. And glad to hear from David that BK has plans in this area. Selling “solutions” instead of “products.” Another thought that Eileen raises is around how we provide our services. Can I promote other people’s books that supplement my own work to my clients? Perhaps the Author’s Co-op could look at that.

Maria Jesus Aguilo: @la’Wana, our newly created You Tube audiobook channel is actually a video channel! (with a still graphic, so perhaps not what you had in mind) Agreed that video is desirable.

Eileen Mcdargh: Thanks, Jesse.. you stated more clearly what I was trying to say.. I can see the complementary  autos which are also speakers cutting together powerful virtual trainings.

Kristen Frantz: @Jesse it could be that BK Pub could create collections that make it easy for authors to share

Ed Frauenheim: Good idea, @Jesse. We can explore than on the BK Authors board. Also love the idea, @Kristen, that BK might do some of that initial curation/pairing.

Jesse Stoner: Kristen, that would be very helpful. We don’t know all the books, and are limited to the authors we already know

Randall Englund: My YouTube channel has my interview as well as conversations with my co-author Alfonso Bucero – 

Cherise Hunter: Are you guys thinking of expanding your audio book channels besides Spotify for instance?

Emily Axelrod: Bk authors board can look at that.

Samantha Slade: any plans to develop apps that are complementary to a book? online learning games?

Sharon rowe: thanks

Kristen Frantz:

Kristen Frantz: Add a link to your website to

Maria Jesus Aguilo: audio through local bookstores!

Cherise Hunter: Thanks MJ

Edward Hess: Thanks to everyone for a wonderful conversation. Wishing you and your loved ones good health and safety. All the best, ed hess

Denise Collazo: Sorry all.  Have to bounce.  Thank you all!!

Julie Winkle Giulioni: I created a very simple app that’s been well received… and would be delighted to introduce you to my vendor.

Jesse Stoner: Many thanks to the fabulous BK staff!!!

Maria Jesus Aguilo: Thank you Julie! Would love to hear about that!

Randall Englund: Thank you for sharing all.

Julie Winkle Giulioni: Thanks BK for making the time to visit with us. You are all remarkable… and I truly appreciate you!

Ed Frauenheim: Thx, BK folks, Stewart and all!

Helena Brantley: Thank you, BK for that all you are doing within and beyond the Bay Area publishing community.