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Q&A from Conversation with BK Publishers Leaders – 10 June 2020

Foreign Rights Sales

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Kristen Frantz:
00:16:35 Ed Frauenheim: Thx, Kristen
00:28:24 Kristen Frantz:
00:28:42 Kristen Frantz:
00:28:55 Kristen Frantz:
00:59:15 Kristen Frantz: How to contact Maria Jesus and Catherine: Maria Jesus Aguilo [email protected]; Catherine Lengronne [email protected]
01:00:56 Kristen Frantz: Thanks, Catherine!!
01:01:19 Ed Frauenheim: Thanks very much for that presentation, Catherine!
01:01:30 Kristen Frantz: Catherine, if other authors want to do a video for you could they?
01:01:35 Mark Albion: Does BK have a plan if there are second and third waves of COVID-19?
01:01:40 Kevin Eikenberry: Thank you Catherine
01:02:54 Marilee Adams: Tell us about BK Membership looks like, what goals, for whom,etc. Thanks!
01:03:04 Alexandra Watkins: I’m creating an online course based on my book and would like to connect with other BK authors who have successful online courses. Any recommendations of who that would be?
01:03:42 María Jesús Aguilo: Marilee, The membership program is in a very early stage. Still trying to figure out our offerings, our audience and our pricing.
01:04:02 María Jesús Aguilo: But we welcome any ideas or suggestions!
01:04:36 Catherine Lengronne: Yes, if any of you would like to create a 4 to 6minutes video. Please feel free to send it to me. You can keep it general so we can share it with all our partners in different countries
01:06:54 Alexandra Watkins: Will airport bookstores survive? Have they lowered their pricing?
01:07:33 Kristen Frantz: @alexandra we don’t know yet about airports. They have not lowered their prices.
01:07:34 Peter Lazes: I would like to comment on the potential use of unions
01:07:36 John Kador: Excellent presentation and encouraging, Immediately after this call, some of us will convene for a watercooler conversation: celebrating the shadow. All BK stakeholders invited.
01:09:08 Mark Albion: Love the membership program! Need to leave for BK watercolor zoom meeting at noon pacific – be safe and well!
01:10:22 Ed Frauenheim: I’ve got to leave for another call. Thx, Stewart, and BK Publishers folks, and all!
01:11:12 Marilee Adams: Thank you, this was great.
01:11:17 Alexandra Watkins: How do we get on the watercolor?
01:11:18 Lesley Iura: Thanks, Catherine!