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Q&A chat – Bob Miglani

How to Make Amazing Videos to Sell Books, Speak More and Become an Influencer May 12, 2020

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Lisa Fain: How to leverage publicity to tell the world about your book?”
Sharon Wingron: Aren’t we supposed to drink when someone says “Hi Bob!”? LOL (Bob Newhart drinking game from years gone by.) Hello from St. Louis!
Natalie Nixon: @LisaFain Please remind us of Bob’s Google #? I didn’t catch it before he moved on to the next slide, thanks!
Eileen McDargh: Does Bb have a premier subscription on Linked In
sharon rowe: what level of linked? premium or not?
Cheri Torres: What is the website?
Eileen McDargh: Does he record videos off zoom
00:37:31 Lisa Fain: @cheri, the bkauthors website.
00:38:11 Sharon Wingron: good advice – make it simple!
00:38:33 Ellesse Krall: What about microphones? Like a lapel mic to connect to your iPhone?
00:38:47 Eileen McDargh: How does it get good audio off his i-phone? What kind of Mic
00:39:17 Flip Brown: While Amazon is convenient, don’t forget to support your local independent retailers, whether it’s for books or electronics. It takes a little more effort but more of your dollars stay in your community.
00:39:58 Carol Fabbri: ring is awesome!
00:40:00 Jake Jacobs: Love the value, love Bob!
00:40:11 Andrea Goeglein: I got that ring last week and it makes a huge difference
00:41:09 Sharon Wingron: do you have link to the USB A to C adapter for plugging your Blue Yeti into your iPhone? I’ve found adapters are hit and miss, so would love to know which is working for you.
00:41:22 Natalie Nixon: Should the ring light face you or be to the side of you when sitting at your laptop?
00:41:57 Eileen McDargh: iGlasses from ecamm makes a huge difference if you are making video from your MAC….
00:43:22 Sharon Wingron: I thought he is using his phone to record? What software is he using to record that he hits “record” on his computer?
00:43:39 Jake Jacobs: Does Bob use glasses or something else on his mac
00:45:15 Natalie Nixon: Do you announce who you are at the start of each video?
00:45:33 Natalie Nixon: Or do you assume people will know your name and title/what you do?
00:45:55 Sharon Wingron: These are excellent tips. I’m so thankful Bob will be sharing his slides. Excellent resource!
00:47:13 Andrea Goeglein: Question for Bob: Holding phone horizontally I don’t seem to look straight to phone. What am I doing wrong
00:47:16 BK Authors: We will have the recording of bob’s presentation as well as the slides with the links on the BK Authors website – – by the end of day tomorrow.
00:47:20 Andrea Goeglein: $590 a year
00:47:34 Pat McLagan: It’s 60/mo linked in premium
00:47:55 BK Authors: All of this year’s previous presentations are available on the BK Authors website –
00:49:32 sharon rowe: for outside videos anything special to know about sound?
00:49:49 Jake Jacobs: Photo Booth is native to mac op system
00:52:08 Sharon Wingron: Do you back up your videos anywhere online? Also, do you typically put captions on the video or do any type of editing before posting the video?
00:54:41 Mark Albion: Typically what Bob is talking about — those 10 seconds — he is on the button, and the maximum to use is about 7 words, according to most academic/branding research
00:56:32 Aziz Abu Sarah: is there an advantage to broadcast live videos instead of recording them and then posting them later?
00:56:33 Andrea Goeglein: Thanks Mark
00:59:18 Lisa Fain: Upwork is great!!!
01:00:39 Eileen McDargh: The Zoom enterprise version does transcription as part of the service
01:00:42 Randy Englund: Easy to use TechSmith Camtasia Studio to edit and upload videos, add text of key points, even save individual frames.
01:01:55 Cheri Torres: Why are you transcribing? What doe the freelancer do with the transcription?
01:01:56 Eileen McDargh: How do you make header and footers
01:02:59 Andrea Goeglein: Cheri, I have my videos transcribed to use text as part of posts, to create other articles, etc. Inexpensive way to have content created
01:03:25 Cheri Torres: @Andrea Great idea! Thanks
01:05:37 Jake Jacobs: does he do that on all videos? didn’t look like it with the others
01:10:40 Pat McLagan: Do you put a website or email link — or other advertising on your videos?
01:11:25 Eileen McDargh: the graphic overlay—was that withAdobe?
01:16:27 Eileen McDargh: Excellent content, Thanks, Bob
01:17:41 sharon rowe: do you find it more effective to post videos on linked as in a post or as an article?
01:20:30 Catherine Robinson-Walker: Bob, this was fantastic content. Thank you so much!
01:20:34 Sharon Wingron: This is all excellent content. Thank you so much!
01:20:38 Cheri Torres: Why no mention of Instagram. I’d heard Instagram is where more action is occurring than on FB
01:21:12 sharon rowe: articles are better for google search though…
01:22:10 Lisa Fain: Please join us for our next webinar on June 4 at 10 a.m. pac/1 p.m eastern. We will be speaking with Fauzia Burke on How to Leverage Publicity to Tell the World About Your Book
01:23:29 Andrea Goeglein: thank you Bob, incredible, easy content
01:25:18 Pat McLagan: Fantastic. Really learned. Much Appreciated. Take good care!!!!
01:25:56 sharon rowe: do you use the translation tool on youtube to get other language audiences?
01:26:43 Mark Albion: Ted Levitt was a close friend of mine at HBS. How do I find Bob’s video on Marketing Myopia?
01:27:04 Sharon Wingron: When you say “write matching text” would that be a transcription again?

01:27:05 Jake Jacobs: Mark, try searching for it on youtube 😉
01:28:21 Mark Albion: Thank you, Jake. Found it –
01:28:28 Jake Jacobs: lol
01:28:42 Jake Jacobs: It works!
01:28:45 Cheri Torres: Absolutely wonderful input. Thank you so much!
01:28:58 Sharon Wingron: This has been extremely helpful! Thank you so much!! Can’t wait to download and review the PowerPoint – so many great resources!!
01:29:17 Cheri Torres: Thank you for so freely sharing.
01:29:23 Cecile Betit: so helpful, thank you!!!
01:29:34 Stewart Levine: Wonderful Bob, thank you!
01:29:42 Carol Fabbri: @lisa thanks for moderating. hard to do well and you nailed it!
01:29:43 Kanu Kogod: Thanks Bob-this was
01:30:26 Kanu Kogod: so informative. You got so much in a short time!
01:30:46 Jake Jacobs: Yay for Lisa too!
01:31:11 Tojo Thatchenkery: Thanks so much Bob and Lisa.
01:31:13 Ellesse Krall: Thank you to Bob for the great info, and to Lisa for moderating.
01:31:22 Tojo Thatchenkery: It was amazing!
01:31:23 Cheri Torres: Thanks Lisa as well!!
01:32:17 Bob Miglani: 609 436 0778
01:32:26 Bob Miglani: Bob miglani google voice 609 436 0778
01:32:35 Sharon Wingron: Thank you!