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Marketing Your Book on Instagram

Learn proven strategies for leveraging Instagram to market and sell your book. There are billions of potential readers on this platform, and if you're not leveraging it to market and sell your book, you're missing out!

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Key Objectives

  • Why should I use Instagram to market and sell my book?
  • How do I create meaningful content without being too “salesy”?
  • How do I grow my reader audience?


During this session, we will discuss the importance of using Instagram to market and sell your book. We will talk about how to create meaningful content that your readers will enjoy without coming across as “salesy.” We will also discuss strategies like “borrowing credibility” and “The $1.80 Strategy” for growing your audience.

Nicholas Hutchison, Founder of BookThinkers

Nicholas Hutchison is the founder of BookThinkers, a company dedicated to spreading the positive power of personal development books. Nicholas is focused on developing insightful content for his community of 100,000+ readers and interviewing the world’s top nonfiction authors for his podcast, BookThinkers: Life-Changing Books. You can learn more about him @bookthinkers on Instagram.