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Leveraging Bulk Buy Opportunities: Strategies for Authors

This panel discussion will dive deep into the world of bulk book purchases, providing authors with invaluable insights and practical strategies to maximize their success.

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Key Objectives

Panelists will address:

  • Understanding Bulk Buy Services: Learn about the different types of bulk buy programs offered by major booksellers, including their requirements, terms, and potential benefits for authors.

  • Identifying Target Markets: Discover how to identify and target specific markets, organizations, or groups that may be interested in purchasing your book in bulk for events, promotions, or educational purposes.

  • Building Relationships and Networking: Explore effective strategies for building relationships with booksellers, industry professionals, and potential bulk buyers to increase your chances of securing lucrative bulk buy deals.


In today’s competitive book market, authors need to explore every avenue to boost their book sales and reach a wider audience. One effective strategy is to take advantage of bulk buy opportunities offered by various booksellers.
This panel discussion will dive deep into the world of bulk book purchases, providing authors with invaluable insights and practical strategies to maximize their success. Our expert panelists will share their extensive knowledge and experience in navigating the ins and outs of bulk buy service.
Whether you’re a seasoned author or just starting out, this panel will provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the world of bulk buy services effectively. Join us for an insightful discussion and gain a competitive edge in the book marketing landscape.
Moderated by Christy Kirk.

Presenter Tony DiCostanzo

Tony DiCostanzo
Tony DiCostanzo’s story is not just one of entrepreneurial success: it’s a testament to the transformative power of ideas and the written word. As the founder of BookPal, Tony has spent the last 18 years championing the cause of continuous learning and growth through books. Under his leadership, BookPal has flourished, connecting over 20 million books with readers across corporations, nonprofits, school districts, and government agencies. Tony believes deeply in the power of books to ignite change and inspire action. His work extends beyond transactional business, embodying a mission to bring the right ideas to those eager to learn and grow.

With the founding of the Gray + Miller Agency (GMA), Tony broadened his horizon, creating a sanctuary for visionary creators. At GMA, the goal is to amplify the voices of authors, keynote speakers, and entertainers, transforming their unique visions into published works and transformative experiences. Tony’s passion lies in the art of possibility—helping others unlock their potential and bring their ideas to life.

An accomplished entrepreneur and executive, Tony’s career spans 30 years of turning vision into reality. From nurturing startups to revitalizing distressed businesses, his journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep-seated belief in the potential within us all. His accolades, including being named among Orange County’s Top 40 under 40 and recognition in Forbes, Inc, and The Webby Awards, are a reflection of his commitment to making a meaningful impact.

Presenter Perry Hooks

Perry Hooks

For more than 25 years, Perry has worked with independent bookstores including Davis-Kidd in Nashville, TN and at Politics and Prose in Washington D.C. – in marketing or as an independent contractor – promoting authors by bringing them to the stores as well as to non-traditional book venues. In 2023 she sold her business to Ann Patchett, a Nashvillian and world-renowned author and owner of Parnassus Books.

Perry’s various detours through financial services marketing, advertising, and trade association work have all helped her hone her skills in designing programs and author series that fit the needs of her clients.

Presenter Christy Kirk

Christy Kirk

Christy Kirk is a senior marketing manager at Berrett Koehler Publishers and an adjunct professor at the Hussman School of Media and Journalism at the University of North Carolina. She’s worked in social media and book launch marketing for more than a decade. Before that, she spent nearly 20 years working in television journalism.  Christy lives in Durham, North Carolina with her family and 3 cats.