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Boosting Your Message with Video: How to make amazing videos that reach your audience


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Bob Miglani is the Founder & CEO of Embrace the Chaos LLC – a change and transformation company that helps Leaders & Organizations Adapt to Change, Transform, Reinvent and Grow in Chaos. Bob is a global thought leader, a Bestselling Author, a 23-year Ex-Pfizer executive, Keynote Speaker and Leadership Advisor to CEOs. He works with CEOs and CMOs to help them 1) Adapt their organization to change 2) Communicate with new online audiences and 3) Reinvent their business to reach new customers and stakeholders to grow their business.

By leveraging the Video Platform on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook, Bob has become an online business & leadership celebrity with over 1M views of his videos on all his social channels where he reaches CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, corporate executives and successful business leaders and entrepreneurs. He has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Bloomberg, Forbes and CNBC.

Bob has recently launched a new exclusive video series called Leading in Chaos, where he interviews select CEOs & leaders on how they are leading their business through massive pandemic disruption.

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LinkedIn: @bobmiglani

Bob Miglani – 2020

Bob Miglani is a Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, Leadership Coach and Founder of Embrace the Chaos, an Experiential Change Company. He helps people and organizations change, transform and grow. Bob was born in poverty in India and grew up in the U.S. helping his family run their successful Dairy Queen franchise for 25 years. Bob had a successful 23 year career at Pfizer Inc. in New York where he had numerous roles creating new functions and working with customers, partners and colleagues in over 30+ countries. While going through massive change in his job, Bob was able to adapt and reinvent himself to grow. His journey became the subject of his Washington Post bestselling book called Embrace the Chaos, inspiring others on how to embrace change in their job, career, business and life. Today, Bob delivers Keynotes, Runs Workshops and Coaches Leaders on Change, Transformation and Growth.

How to Make Amazing Videos to Sell Books, Speak More and Become an Influencer.

Videos are a powerful way to market books and your personal brand to professionals. In this session, Bob will show us how to how to make videos that generate impact with your audience. Specifically: 1) The mechanics of shooting a video clip 2) The content – how to position, what to share, etc. 3) Editing for beginners; easy steps to edit 4) Placing it on a platform such as LinkedIn and how to attach the right kind of content 5) Promoting it to serve your needs and sell books and grow your audience.

Bob Miglani

Presenter Bob Miglani

Bob Miglani

Bob Miglani is the author of three books, including Treat Your Customers (Hachette), Embrace the Chaos (BK), and Make Your Own Luck (Fingerprint/Penguin). An ex-Pfizer of 23 years, Bob is an ex-motivational speaker and currently is the founder and CEO of Hoot Health, Inc., a healthcare technology company. He lives with his wife and 3 kids in a small town in New Jersey.