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Book PR and Marketing Questions Answered

I spend a good portion of each day answering questions.

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Key Objectives

With this pandemic year, where we question everything and everyone, the unknown about the book world feels a little deeper and darker. I think more about all the things I don’t know. I question more of what I do know. And I wouldn’t be surprised if everything changed completely tomorrow. But, I hope to: answer an author’s most pressing questions, give a clearer picture of what PR is, and debunk the myths around it.

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I spend a good portion of each day answering questions. They can range from, “What’s BookBub?” to “How do I set up my Amazon Author Central?” to “Why wasn’t I in Buzzfeed’s round-up on best books to read during Women’s History Month?” to “I’d like to be interviewed by Oprah, how will you make that happen?”

As a contributor to the popular writer’s website Writer Unboxed, I will spend 2021 answering book PR and marketing questions. I hope to share these answers with the BK community.

Presenter Ann-Marie Nieves

Ann-Marie Nieves

Ann-Marie Nieves has been in PR for more than 25 years working with a variety of businesses, nonprofits, thought leaders, public figures, and authors. In 2005 she founded Get Red PR, a New York City-based lifestyle and social media agency. Learn more at or connect @getredpr and @getredprbooks.