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“The Stories We Tell” – Watercooler Series

Wednesday's at 12PT/2CT/3ET,

Key Objectives

You’re Invited to join fellow BK Authors for the weekly BK Authors Virtual Watercooler Conversations – “The Stories We Tell“ on Wednesdays at 12PT/2CT/3ET

This 2021–2022 Zoom weekly conversation series brings BK Authors together to consider the stories we tell, the stories we want to tell, and the stories we dare not tell.


We are authors. We control the word. We believe that we control our stories.  The reality is that our stories usually control us.

In each crisp hour we will create a space to share stories to see what they offer, whether they still serve us, and what new stories are possible. Do our collective stories serve the shared BK value of connecting people and ideas to create a world that works for all?

The structure is similar to past iterations of the watercooler conversation series. We begin together and end together. We get a few minutes of context-setting.  The bulk of the time is on conversation in breakout rooms with 4-5 authors. Getting to know each other is key to every story. As usually, it’ll be fun, light-hearted, and personal.

The story of the group is what BK authors make of it.

This conversation series is available at no cost to everyone in the BK community, including new authors with signed contracts, plus anyone at BK Publishers and the BK Foundation.

The first session is Wednesday December 8th, 2021, 3-4 PM ET (12-1 PM PT). and will continue for 12 weeks  We will start on time and end on time. The facilitator is John Kador, author of Effective Apology, and the convener of the BK Author watercooler conversations

You may attend as many or as few conversations as your schedule permits.  Look for email blasts announcing each conversation to register.

Join your fellow BK authors on December 8th to celebrate the stories that help create a world that works for all.  To register for the December 8thconversation, register here.  You will receive an email reminder before each event.


Update: The 2022 Watercooler Series has ended. Join our email list to be informed of similar upcoming events.


These events are run throug Zoom. Use the link below to register