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New Authors Jumpstart Video with Bob Migliani

Ongoing, 2022

bob migliani

We are happy to announce that board member Bob Miglani is offering a new complimentary service to new BK authors – a video interview on your book to be hosted on LinkedIn.  Bob Miglani has a robust following on LinkedIn and is willing to leverage his platform to help new authors market their books and share their message with the world. Here’s how it works:

1. Bob will conduct a 45 minute video call with the author covering: the book’s core message and audience, how the book can help the world, how the reader might change their life because of the message, and the author’s personal story.

2. Bob’s team will edit and produce the final video cut, picking up the cost, and share the raw and final cuts with the BK Author, more specifically one full clip of the whole interview and a couple of mini clips (approximately 2 min) to share on social channels.

3. Bob will share the clips on on his social channels (10k LinkedIn, 5k Twitter, 1k YT, and if Self-Help related: on Bob’s FB channel of 46k followers). The author will also share on their social media platforms.

At no cost to the author, this is a great way to get your story out there, obtain clips to use to promote your book, and practice honing your interview skills. You can check out some of Bob’s previous author interviews with Peter Neuwirth and Karen Phelan.  However, he can only do one interview a month, so don’t wait to book yourself a spot on his calendar here to get started.