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Paul Sliker

Paul Sliker has spent a decade representing renowned individuals, non-fiction authors, organizations and institutions in the worlds of economics, finance, business, technology, and public policy, helping them build and manage their traditional and digital media platforms.

Paul has advised several leading companies and institutions, including the United Nations, Harvard Business School, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Earth Institute, Sustainable Development Goals USA, and ReD Associates. Many of the notable individuals he’s represented over the years include Jeffrey D. Sachs, the renowned economist and public policy analyst dubbed “the world’s best-known economist” by TIME magazine; historian and mega-bestselling author, Yuval Noah Harari; Weijian Shan, economist and Asia’s most prominent financier; Peter Blair Henry, economist and Dean of NYU’s Stern School of Business; Tom Davenport, leading business school professor well-known as the “godfather of business analytics”; Pavlina Tcherneva, leading MMT economist and authority on the federal jobs guarantee; Michael Hudson, Distinguished Professor of Economics at the University of Kansas City Missouri; and Dexter Tiff Roberts, award-winning journalist and former China Bureau Chief for Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Among the recent several bestselling books Paul has publicized are Out of the Gobi by Weijian Shan, Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari, Black Edge by Sheelah Kolhatkar, Dear Chairman by Jeff Gramm, and High Growth Handbook by Elad Gil.

He has a BA in English from Purdue University, where he served as the inaugural editor of JPUR, the university’s peer-reviewed undergraduate research journal published annually by Purdue University Press. Outside of Finn Partners, he’s an avid reader, writer, and commentator on macroeconomics, and co-hosts a podcast that focuses on heterodox economic schools of thought and promoting pluralism in the field. He resides in Brooklyn, NY.

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Paul Sliker

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