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Nick Giulioni

Nick Giulioni is an e-commerce sales and channel management expert with a unique perspective on developing online brands. In his current role at Facebook, he runs direct to consumer sales for and by coordinating promotions and performance marketing efforts. Previously, in roles at globally recognized gaming brands Corsair and Razer, Nick led teams responsible for online marketing strategy and was responsible for a >$6M annual Amazon ad budget. He was tapped to lead trainings with regional leads in Europe, Australia, and Asia due to his in-depth knowledge of Amazon’s intricate marketplace. Nick is a graduate of University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business.

The AD-vantage –Make the Most of Your Amazon, Facebook and Google Ads

Bob Miglani and Nick Giulioni (virtually) pull the curtain back on the mysteries associated with online advertising. They’ll illuminate how Amazon, Facebook, and Google ads actually operate, how they’re changing, and how to determine which might be best for you. Using a real-life author example from the audience, they’ll demonstrate the actual process, screens, and steps to take to make the most of your investment. Metric tracking for ongoing success will also be addressed.

Nick Giulioni

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