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Christy Kirk

Social media isn’t a mystery to me, instead, it’s a space for virtually limitless innovation and creativity. As fast with an idea as I am a tweet, I create inventive social content and strategic campaigns that set the standard for book launch and social media marketing. My current role at Weaving Influence allows me to be endlessly creative— developing fresh approaches to book launch marketing for our roster of business executives, thought leaders, and authors. As the Vice President of Client Services, I’ve developed Facebook Live events, one-of-a-kind lead magnets, social advertising, and email marketing campaigns to launch best-selling books. When I’m not launching best-sellers, I’m assisting long-term clients with ongoing-marketing needs such as doubling an email list in 6-weeks with a free download offer, or growing social communities by more than 500% with a strategic mix of organic and paid social media. As the leader of our digital media team, I manage internal employees and contractors—coaching them to personal and professional achievement while providing continuous education in the areas of social media and content marketing. I also provide external social media training and coaching to our partner businesses and clients. I’ve had a varied and growth-oriented career from turning WVNS-TV into the fastest-growing CBS affiliate within months of launching our news product, to garnering praise for customer service and social campaign work for brands such as Pampers, Luvs, and Carlson-Rezidor Hotels.Whether it’s work with a brand, coaching and training others, or brainstorming the next new idea in book launch marketing, my work is centered around driving innovation and creating measurable results.

How to Launch a Successful Author Platform

Writing a book is only the beginning. Successful books are built on strong author platforms. In this 60-minute session, we’ll discuss the three pillars of a successful platform: email, social media, and your web home. We’ll explore strategies and tactics to start building your platform today whether you’re an experienced self-marketer or new to the concept.

Christy Kirk

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