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Gift Exchange Offers – John Kador

John Kador is an independent business author and ghostwriter. He is the author of ten books on leadership, finance, business ethics, and careers.  His BK Book is Effective Apology: Mending Fences, Building Bridges, and Restoring Trust.  He currently serves as treasurer of BK Authors, Inc. John is based in Lewisburg, PA.   Packages Available: Package […]

bk authors events

Gift Exchange Offers – Sharon Rowe

Sharon Rowe is the CEO and Founder of Eco-Bags Products, Inc.  ECOBAGS® is the original reusable bag brand, sold worldwide, recognized as “Best for The World” by Bcorporation for social and environmental commitments and standards. Sharon is recognized as a thought leader in social innovation, sustainable and responsible production since 1989. She speaks regularly on building profitable, mission & value aligned […]

bk authors events

Gift Exchange Offers – Bill Eddy

Bill Eddy is a lawyer and therapist (Licensed Clinical Social Worker). Concurrently he has been a mediator for the past 40 years, primarily with family and divorce disputes, including 15 years as the Senior Family Mediator at the National Conflict Resolution Center in San Diego, California. He is the co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of […]

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Make A Donation to BK Authors

Your donation help us provide scholarships to our wonderful annual events. Thank you for your generous donation to BK Authors. It is because of donations like yours that we are able to continue offering our wonderful annual events such as the Book Marketing Conference and our authors Retreat. Donations furthermore help us offer scholarships to […]

BK Authors Gift Economy Reciprocal Offers and Donations

Option 1: Make a reciprocal offer for services to the community. Complete the Offer Registration Form. Once completed, the BK Authors’ Community Coordinator, Christél Fairchild, will contact you to discuss further details. Option 2: Make a financial contribution to BK Authors for the services that you received from the BK Authors community via the Gift Exchange program. How […]

Virtual Watercooler Meetings Information – The Stories We Tell starting on 10/20/2021

Upcoming Sessions You’re Invited to join fellow BK Authors for the weekly BK Authors Virtual Watercooler Conversations V – “The Stories We Tell“ starting on Wednesday October 20th @ 12pm PT (3:00 ET) This Zoom weekly conversation series brings BK Authors together to consider the stories we tell, the stories we want to tell, and the stories […]

bk authors events

Virtual Watercooler Meetings Information

Upcoming Sessions “Power and Privilege” is the theme of the fourth series of BK Author Watercooler Conversations. The weekly conversations start on September 16, 2020 and continue for six weeks. Our relationship to the power and privilege we control is obscured by the way these forces are often invisible to those who control them. Power and […]

Berrett-Koehler Leadership Discussions

See video recordings and important information from discussions with Berrett-Koehler Leadership here DEI at BK 3rd September 2020 BK Publishers Online Training Product Proposal GuidelinesDownload 9 Free Keyword Research Tools To Help Plan Your New Site Primer On How To Build A Content Strategy How to Develop a Content Strategy from Start to Finish via […]

bk authors events

BK Authors Gift Exchange Offers – Pete Neuwirth

Pete Neuwirth is a retired actuary with over 35 years of experience as a retirement consultant. He now researches and writes about “Holistic Financial Wellness” with a particular focus on the effective use of home equity to provide retirement income. Pete has a B.A. in mathematics and linguistics from Harvard College and is a Fellow of […]